About Library

The WSB Digital Library was established on the initiative of WSB Group librarians in 2013. In 2020, it was expanded and transformed into the Digital Library of the WSB Merito Universities and DSW University of Lower Silesia (BC WSB Merito-DSW). 

The most important idea behind the establishment of the Digital Library is to make modern teaching and research materials available to students and faculty of our universities.

Currently, the library's resources include more than 2,000 materials from various scientific fields, such as law, computer science, philology, marketing, management, pedagogy and psychology, among others. Since its inception in 2013, the Digital Library has been visited by 1,458,252 people.

Logged-in users can enjoy access to videos recorded by experts in various fields, case studies and manuals, i.e. textbooks with dissected topics in a given subject. There is also a division into materials available only to lecturers and those available only to students. In turn, all users, including those not logged in, have open access to the collection of books and journals

All materials published in our Digital Library WSB Merito-DSW have a regulated legal status. Access to part of the collection may be restricted in accordance with applicable copyright law. 

Log in using the login and password you use in Extranet/Intranet/USOS and explore the Digital Library's resources.



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